Ringside Angle Bag Review

Ringside Angle Bag Overview

The Ringside Angle Bag is a bag designed for upward strikes. The bottom half of the bag is thinner, unlike a traditional heavy bag which is the same diameter throughout.

Product Ringside Angle Bag
Pricing Approx. $120 USD
Dimensions 40″ x 17″ x 16″
Weight 60 lbs
Free Shipping on Amazon? No
Covering Vinyl Shell


The Good

Ringside products are solid and durable, and this bag is no exception. It is not overly padded or firm and is great if you are looking to practice body shots, hooks, elbow strikes, palm strikes, and uppercuts. However, there are mixed opinions on the actual effectiveness of angle bags as they do move around a lot.  The bag is great for perfecting one type of upward power generation, but not so good for combos.

Ringside Angle Bag in Action


The Bad

  • Light Resistance: Coming in at only 60lbs, this bag will swing around and can be annoying (see video above).
  • Shape: Due to the shape, it works better if secured to the wall using 2-eyeblots and 2-carabiners
  • It’s Not For Everyone: If you are just a casual person, this bag is not suitable for you.


The real value of an angle bag is quite limited, and with the light resistance it offers, a wrecking ball or even BOB Body Bag may be more practical. To keep the bag from moving too much, it needs to be bolted with two chains or put against a wall. Either way, it is too much trouble and we suggest users to go with other options like the Century BOB XL instead if they are considering to buy an angle bag for more diversity in striking.