Ringside Muay Thai / Banana Bag Review

Ringside Muay Thai / Banana Bag Overview

Muay Thai / Banana bags are 6 feet tall and around 100-120 pounds. These bags let you strike both high and low in combination, and the thinner diameter also allows you to practice clinching and knee strikes that a regular heavy bag cannot offer. There are many manufacturers of the Muay Thai Banana Bag – Everlast, Ringside, Title, and Fairtex. For the purpose of this article we will stick with the Ringside bag as its generally the best bang for your dollar, but here is a short comparison chart of the top bags in the market:

Company Everlast Fairtex Title Ringside
Pricing Approx $170+ USD Approx $300+ USD Approx. $399+ USD Approx. $110+ USD
Weight 100 lbs 100 lbs 100 lbs or 130 lbs 100 lbs
Dimensions 13.5″ x 72″ 14″ x 44″ 12″ x 72″ or 14″ x 72″ 15″ x 68″


The Good

Ringside bags are generally the starter’s version of Muay Thai bags as they are the best value per dollar compared to the other brands. If your focus is on Muay Thai, there is no replacement for a banana bag. Many combinations and low kicks are near impossible to practice on a regular heavy bag, since your opponents body and legs dont move that way. Timing is also important for Muay Thai, but it can be better trained with pad work and a sparring partner. The powerhide of the Ringside Muay Thai bag is made of high quality synthetic leather, and the craftsmanship is great with sturdy connections. Inside, there is a 1″ closed cell foam liner that makes it feel like a bag already broken in.


Muay Thai / Banana Bag in Action

The Bad

  1. Clearance: The chains are quite long and take the bag really close to the ground.
  2. Typo: Their printed catalog says the height is 72″ and the website says 68″, but it is actually 68″ – but since the chain is quite long, its not a big deal.


Pricing and Shipping

From Amazon.com: Click here for best price on Amazon.com

Shipping: Continental US 48 states only

General Tips After Purchase

  • Stuffing the Bag: Cut old sheets into strips and pack it in as much as possible. Once the cloth has settled, fill in the remaining space.
  • Cheap Rags: Check out your local Salvation Army for cheap cloth you can use to fill the bag.
  • Don’t Use Sand: Sand usually sinks to the bottom and causes an uneven feel in the bag.