Century Body Opponent Heavy Bag – Century BOB XL Review

Body Opponent Heavy Bag B.O.B.

The Century Fitness Body Opponent Bag (B.O.B.) comes in two versions – the Century BOB and Century BOB XL. The key difference is that XL version comes with an extended torso to practice with. BOB is currently the most realistic bag on the market simulating a real sparring partner, allowing strikes to be practiced on the head, torso, or anywhere on the upper body. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive punching bags on the market, but its features are highly unique compared to your regular heavy bags.

Name Century BOB XL Century BOB
Size 24 x 24 x 61 inches 24 x 24 x 48 inches
Height 66 – 72 inches (2x modes) 60 – 78 inches (7x modes)
Unfilled Weight 47 lbs 30 lbs
Filled Weight Approx 290 lbs Approx 270 lbs
Ratings 4.6 / 5.0 Stars 4.5 / 5.0 Stars
No. of Reviews 45 11
Material Plastisol Body Plastisol Body
Features Extended Torso Standard Body


The Good

Overwhelmingly, the Century BOB stands out form other heavy bags due to its realistic nature. It’s suitable for the average hitter to the experienced martial artist. The XL version has more target areas to hit, and with the heavier weight it is more sturdy and can take bigger hits. Here are a few things we found excellent about the Century BOB XL.

  • Realism: You will be forced to aim your strikes at specific body parts, allowing you to improve your technique – something a regular heavy bag does not offer.
  • Variety: The Century BOB XL allows you to practice jabs, hooks, uppercuts, forearm strikes, groin strikes, heel strikes, palm strikes to ears, strikes to throat, and a lot more.
  • Safety: Certain moves that are unsafe to practice on a real person such as chops to the neck and choke holds, and can be executed on BOB.
  • Portability: As BOB does not require a ceiling or roof to be installed, he can be easily moved around for home, indoor, or garage use wherever convenient for you.
  • Sturdy: Even if you weigh up to 300lbs and hit like a truck, BOB will still be able to take your beatings.

Century BOB XL In Action:


The Bad

Overall the BOB XL is a great product, but there are some minor problems you may encounter:

  • Filling the Base: The hardest part of getting BOB XL set up will be filling the base with sand. To fill up to 250lbs, you will need about 4 bags of sand at your local store. Note that you will have to funnel this into the base of BOB XL, so it will take a few minutes to hours depending on how good your technique is.
  • Noise:  Bob and his base are loud if you don’t put him on some type of pad or carpet. The sand inside can also make some noise if you hit it hard. Depending on your living conditions, your neighbors may not appreciate it.

Hitting the Century BOB XL

Surprisingly, the Century BOB XL feels like a human upon striking. The overall feel is like ballistics gel and rubber. Muscles on BOB XL are not just indentations, but full molds that look very realistic of a human being. When you punch BOB in the stomach you can feel the strike being absorbed by the surrounding material, like striking a real torso. There are no screws or hard pieces inside to hurt your hand. Unfortunately when you uppercut BOB, his head does not move backwards like a real human. But when you try rear naked chokes, his head does bend with the force, making an entertaining sparring buddy. BOB even has a frowning face to get your aggression going. At 6″ and close to 300 lbs, it doesn’t get closer to facing a real fighter.


Overall, the BOB XL and BOB are great tools for a home workout, offering portability, functionality, and convenience. Even if you are an experienced martial artist, the BOB will force you to be more accurate with your strikes, allowing your technique to improve that a regular hanging bag cannot offer. You can also go balls to the wall with attacking BOB, unlike practicing with a real partner. The only downside is its pricing, but if you can overlook that to have the best, most durable, and realistic punching bag – then the BOB is definitely worth a buy.

Pricing and Shipping

General Tips After Purchase:

  1. Fill the base with sand. Water will not give you the required stability.
  2. Use dry sand at Home Depot and use a cut-out plastic water bottle to fill the base.
  3. Wear gloves when you hit BOB. Bob’s nose is really hard.  Non-gloved punches to the face are unforgiving on the knuckles.
  4. Add a blanket under the stand to avoid noise complaints when the stand comes up and slams on the floor with power punches.
  5. When using gloves you could get some transfer on BOB, but it comes off easily.