Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand Review

Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand Overview

The Everlast 2 station Heavy Bag Stand is made of steel and is held on the floor with three weight pegs. Heavy bags up to 100lbs can be used, and there is also a speed bag platform on the opposite side. The heavy bag side is adjustable, although if you are over 6’0, this stand may not be suitable for you.

Product 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand
Maker Everlast
Dimensions 48.3″(W) x 84″(H) 69″(D)
Bag Weight Up to 100 lbs (Heavy Bag)
Stand Weight 72 lbs
Pricing Approx $110 – $130 USD
User Rating 4.1 / 5 Stars
# of Reviews 28

The Good

If mounting a heavy bag on a ceiling is too much of a task for you, consider getting the Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand. The price of this stand can’t be beat – it’s gets the job done, and also allows you to mount a speed bag which saves a considerable amount of space. For the budget minded individual, this stand is a good choice and its designed to do what it is supposed to compared to the other stands that cost upwards of $300 USD. Assembly of the stand takes about 30-mins to an hour, depending on your dexterity. There is a swivel and locking triangle ring that is included with the package. The assembly process is quite self-explanatory and is faster if you have your own tools.

The Bad

  • Chain is too long: If you are taller than 6″0, it would be hard to recommend as you will be hitting the top few inches of the bag since the chain is very long.
  • Moves around: You may need to anchor the stands with weight or 2-3 sandbags, depending on how hard you can hit.
  • Speedbag Platform: Not really the greatest quality, but works fine if you just want a change in pace of workout.
  • Designed for Beginners: Advanced and experienced individuals may find the dimensions limiting, as you cannot work around the stand.

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The stand does make some noise when you are practicing, so depending on your living conditions this is something to consider before purchase. You may need to weigh down the base with some 25-lb plates and a rubber mat underneath to reduce the noise. If you are hanging a 100-lb bag, this is needed. Since the bag is hanging on a stand, there is no good way to practice side-to-side movements for more advanced individuals as the legs will get in the way.


It’s the best value stand at its price that houses two bags, and gets the job done. But be prepared to buy extra sandbags or plates to hold it in position. If you’re over 6″00, consider getting another version that is more heavy duty like the XMark system

Pricing and Shipping

Pricing: Approx. $110 – $130 USD

Shipping Policy: Free shipping from Amazon.com available

General Tips After Purchase

  • The stand definitely needs to be weighed down a lot or it will walk back, but its nothing that a few weights or sandbags won’t fix.