TITLE Double-End Bag Review

TITLE Double-End Bag Overview

Double-End Bags are used for reflex, reaction, and coordination training. The leather ball is attached to two chords attached to the ceiling and floor and rebounds based on how much force is applied. The balls come in three sizes of  6″, 7″, or 9″ in diameter. Generally speaking, the smaller sizes are harder to use as they require more dexterity and accuracy. If you’re a beginner, stick with the 7″ ball.


Size 6″ 7″ 9″
Color Gold Red Black
Pricing Approx. $30 Approx $30 Approx $30
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The Good

One of the great features of the Title Double-End Bag is its flexibility. You can hang the ball loose or tight, depending on how much of a challenge you want. The double-end bags are more responsive and interactive than traditional heavy bags, as you can work dodges into the workout and rotate 360 degrees to practice your footwork. Hitting the ball at different angles and frequency changes its direction and vibration, allowing you to focus on accuracy and speed rather than power. Pricing wise, there are other double-end bags that fall in the $50-60 range, but the Title Double-End Bag is great for its price.

TITLE Double-End Bag Review in Action


The Bad

One drawback of the Title Double-End Bag is that the cords included are not the best. You should consider picking up some bungee cords to hang the ball.


The ball is made of leather and has high quality stitching. The logo on the ball is made of vinyl, so it may scratch off after prolonged use. The tough leather may damage your knuckles after time, so do remember to wear hand-wraps or gloves.


The Title Double-End bag is great for an alternative workout if you are looking to improve speed, accuracy, and reflexes. For those looking for a general purpose punching bag, the double-end balls may not be your best choice as you are better off with a standing or hanging heavy bag.

Pricing and Shipping

6″, 7″, 9″ Title Double-End Bag – Click here for best price on Amazon.com

Shipping Policy: Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, US Protectorates, APO/FPO

General Tips after Purchase:

  • You may find the ball difficult to inflate because the access port area is not convenient.
  • The bag should be just about chin height to simulate the head of another boxer
  • Apply light strikes on the bag and observe how it responds more forcefully then stronger you hit it.
  • Repeat these jabs and get a feel for the equipment.
  • Stay light on your feet, putting more of your weight on the front.
  • The leather surface can damage your knuckles, so it’s best to wrap your hands.
  • Putting on bag gloves can further provide protection as well as weight to swing against the bag effectively
  • Install the bag in an unobstructed location to prevent wayward movement