Everlast 6-Piece Platform Bag Set Review

Everlast 6-Piece Platform Bag Set Review Overview

The Everlast 6-Peice Platform Bag Set is everything you need to get a speed bag mounted and ready to go. For more experienced and stronger individuals, pick up another speed bag, as you will probably outgrow this set in a few months.

Product Everlast 6-Piece Platform Bag Set
Price $68-$100 USD Range
Included Parts

Speed Bag

Mounting Platform

Training Gloves

Hand Wraps

Jump rope

The Good

The Everlast 6-Peice Platform Bag shines in the value it offers for pure beginners without any equipment. If you purchased everything separately, it would be a lot more expensive. It’s a great starter kit in a quality workout or competitive sport. The set comes with a standard speed bag, jump rope, swivel, bag gloves, and hand wraps. The quality of parts are not the most high-end, but it is hard to argue given the low price for all the equipment. It’s good to have the hand wraps and gloves as a beginner, as you have the option to choose which method suits you better for this bag.

The Bad

  • Platform Board Quality: It’s made of particle board and breaks easily if you use a lot of power and force.
  • Swivel: High force and impact may losen it, although it depends on your level of expeirience and technique.
  • Wall-Mount Bolts: Not included during assembly, so you’ll need to pick some up depending where you are assembling it.
  • Pumping Air Into the Ball: Sadly, there is actually no pump and needle provided to fill the ball.


When you hit it, there is a small lag if filled at 4lbs pressure. Not sure why but perhaps its the material. The platform is made from particle wood and does absorb some shock of each hit, so that could be a reason why. If you are used to high quality leather bags, this version may feel cheap. The steal mounting brackets are quite sturdy.


It’s hard to argue that a beginner is better off purchasing each item, rather than getting this set as the first purchase. To pick up the high-end products of each item, it would cost you close to $200 USD. The quality of material does room for improvement, and if you are more experienced, I wouldn’t suggest this product to you. Overall, an acceptable set at a reasonable price for the quality and features offered.

Pricing and Shipping:

Price – Around $60 – 90 USD, click here for more price info on Amazon.com

Shipping Policy: TBD, Please check Amazon.com

General Tips After Purchase

  • Inexperienced users may hit the bag wrong causing it to fly off of the hook so learn the rhythm
  • Keep your shoulders loose and try to hit with proper rhythm and timing – don’t try to go real hard and fast in the beginning, a
  • Start slow and build up from there